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Bitter Cold Temperatures Bring Recommendations for Thawing Frozen Water Pipes
 Chicago, Illinois: 1-15-2018  We have   released some recommendations regarding thawing out frozen water pipes in response to a large number of resident calls Completely frozen pipes will have no water pressure while partially frozen pipes will have low water pressure:Air Circulation - Open cabinets where water pipes are found. If there are children in the household, make sure any chemicals are out of reach.  If pipes receive even room temperature air, it helps. A fan can help with this.Heat - Use a space heater or hair dryer to gently warm the area of the pipes. Do not use a welding torch, flame, or anything that would heat the pipes too quickly and which could present a fire hazard. if this dose not help give us a call  at 773 414 4383  A local Plumbing and Sewer Service we will gladly come  and thaw and repair your pipes!  The longer the pipes are frozen the more burst pipes you have to deal with when it finally thaws pipes burst and leak; For the next time - Insulate pipes, and if they have a tendency to freeze, keep at least a trickle of water running during the coldest weather.  Moving water is less likely to freeze than still water. 

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